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Boost resilience and increase employee satisfaction with Smart Hybrid Services

The world of work is fundamentally changing. Employees are demanding more flexibility in how they work, where they work and when they work. Although most do not want a fully remote model, they do want the option to work from different locations and build a schedule that more closely fits their needs. In response, companies have to build-out a digital infrastructure that allows their employees to receive mail, documents and packages from multiple distributed sites. They must also ensure remote teams are able to coordinate and collaborate wherever they are working from and can access conference rooms and other office assets on-demand.
Companies that cannot create these flexible work environments will risk losing out in the battle to hire and retain the best talent. They will also leave themselves vulnerable to local or global crisis. The lesson of the last few years is that merely being able to keep operating during a period of disruption is no longer enough. Industry leaders have to ensure that productivity and performance remain at the highest level in all circumstances. This requires digital processes that are not location-dependent coupled with a connected, distributed workforce.
Such an approach can also help companies reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Sustainability is now at the front and center of corporate planning and is an increasingly important focus for regulation. Whether it’s cutting their consumption of paper, or minimizing Co2 emissions in the supply chain, businesses are using digitalization as a key tool in their bid to meet increasingly ambitious environmental targets.

Accelerate workplace transformation with SPS’ Smart Hybrid Services

SPS’ digital solutions can help transform every stage of your business operations, from backoffice processes to last-mile delivery.
Smart Processes
  • Fully digitalize high-volume backoffice processes such as invoices, payroll or expenses or insurance claims.
  • Take the manual steps out of backoffice functions, and create lean, efficient processes that can be completed anytime, anywhere.
  • Track and trace all document flows, providing audit trails and improving regulatory compliance.
  • Create digital solutions for areas such as customer and employee onboarding, to increase efficiency and reduce paper consumption.
Smart Document Logistics
  • Digitize in-bound mail and documents, allowing flexible delivery to employees regardless of location.
  • Create centralized mail hubs to receive all physical mail and packages. This increases efficiency and allows far more stringent security.
  • Leverage advanced technology such as automated sorting and track and trace, to speed up document processing times and improve employee and customer experience.
  • Implement Smart Lockers to allow your employees to pick up packages when it is convenient for them, even if certain buildings are closed.
  • Use software solutions to optimize delivery routes, increasing speed and convenience, while give people greater visibility over their deliveries.
Smart Workplaces
  • Transform office environments and make them more suited to new hybrid working models.
  • Implement virtual reception platforms to check-in employees and clients.
  • Launch online visitor management platforms to register, verify and approve clients and visitors.
  • Provide virtual platforms to enable easy booking of office resources such as conference or meeting rooms.
  • Offer print-on-demand services so work-from-home employees can get documents printed and delivered remotely.

The benefits of SPS’ Smart Hybrid Workplace Services

Boost employee satisfaction
It is estimated that 83% of office workers prefer a hybrid work model for the future.  SPS’ solutions enable the kind of connected, flexible workplace that enables companies to get the most from their employees and access new pools of talent that would have been previously unavailable.
Create resilient operational models
SPS digital processes allow companies to rapidly shift to a remote work model in response to serious disruptions. In addition, our centralized mail hubs x-ray all incoming mail and packages, increasing overall security.
Drive efficiency gains and cut costs
By reducing manual steps in key processes, we enable companies to increase efficiency while providing a better experience for both customers and employees. In addition, flexible work models have been shown to boost productivity by between 10-40%,  as employees can cut unnecessary travel and design their day in a way that optimizes their time and energy. 
Bridge physical and digital spaces
SPS’ virtual platforms act as a crucial link between physical offices and digital ways of working. They allow employees to get the best out of both worlds, through efficient digital processes, and smart office services.
Cut wastage and reduce environmental impact
Digitizing inbound mail and shifting core processes online can massively reduce paper consumption. In addition, by supporting work-from-home options it is possible to reduce vehicle congestion and cut C02 emissions.

A Global Infrastructure Of Connected Service Centers

SPS has over 20 locations worldwide in Europe, North America and Asia. Our approach has four main components:


Digital Workflow

Digitising inbound information and removing manual touchpoints to increase efficiency and agility.

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Intelligent Backoffice

Using a combination of advanced technology and skilled people to manage entire backoffice processes. Companies can de-localise core functions and boost resilience and performance.

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Smart Shoring

Breaking processes into components and then using the optimum shoring location to maximise quality and cost-effectiveness.

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Rapid Scaling

Being able to quickly scale operations in response to changes in the business environment.

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