Digital Delivery Channels

Swiss Post Solutions provides a cost-effective way for you to transition to and integrate a range of electronic options alongside traditional print media, for both internal and external processes and communications.

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Transform your internal and external communications

Digitisation makes the world seem small and communications increasingly complex. Today’s customers are demanding choice in the way they interact with sellers, as well as in what format and frequency information is received. This coupled with the centralisation of back-office functions, pressure to reduce operational costs, ever changing digital legislations and technologies, makes managing customer preferences more complex.

Focus on your business with the perfect channel mix

Swiss Post Solutions will work with you to design and configure a solution to address the needs of your customers and deliver integrated business processes and systems.

Our platform, scalable to support single or multiple document types, allows your customers, suppliers and employees to choose the form in which they receive their direct and transactional mail, together with other business critical documents - by email, SMS, web portals, system-to-system delivery, fax and print. The solution may also be made available to end-users to submit, for example, queries, meter readings and change of address requests – whatever helps you to streamline your customer management processes.

Offering an end-to-end solution, Swiss Post Solutions works with you to define an ongoing program of methods, activities and tools that will enable you to transition your communications, with customers and employees, from physical to digital channels. We will work with you to tailor the ideal solution for your business.

Channels that support your strategy

  • Portal - a completely integrated or standalone web portal, facilitating multi-directional communication of documents and messages between you and the users. We will work with you to tailor the solution to fit your business and user requirements.
  • Standard email - send documents as attachments, a link to access documents or notifications via standard email. It also allows you to include a certified digital signature.

  • Secure email - is offered at varying security levels and can be encrypted. As part of Swiss Post we also offer our own secure mail solution with IncaMail.

  • Fax - allows for digital to physical fax delivery or digital to digital.

  • System-To-System – bi-directional data exchange and system interoperability.

  • Mobile - You can use a portal on mobile devices, communicate via SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Archive - we store your data in a 24/7 accessible storage facility in accordance with local country compliance requirements.

  • Web forms - Digital webforms can be implemented for internal and external communication.

  • Payment Module - We can provide global payment solutions for online payments. Our solution allows payment status notice, payment classification and auto payment reminders.

The benefits of digital delivery

  • Customer satisfaction – results in increased customer spend and retention.
  • Cost – in time allocated to responding and resolving tasks, as well as consumables for physical channels (paper, print and postage).
  • Security – secure document delivery with tracking and auditing capabilities.
  • Time – faster delivery of documents/communications.
  • Sustainability – use of digital channels is a positive environmental alternative.
  • Increased efficiency – through customer self-service, process automation and reallocating staff to higher value activities.

We additionally work with you to understand and prepare for your future requirements. This would include identifying opportunities for additional operational efficiencies, expanding the channels under management due to technological or social media advancements and how to exploit data analytics to deliver business intelligence.

  • Case Study

    Omni-Channel Solution for Deutsche Bahn

    Transitioning from standard mailing due to cost concerns and the need for fast communication.

    Read Case Study about Omni-Channel Solution for Deutsche Bahn Read Case Study

  • Case Study

    Leading food service business

    Learn how a sustainable, scalable and efficient electronic solution delivers benefits to the Brakes Group.

    Read Case Study about Leading food service business Read Case Study

Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions Services will reduce our paper use and bill mailing costs, and customers will be able to streamline their energy use saving them money, energy and therefore reducing carbon emissions.

    CEO, Jersey Electricity

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions is moving beyond traditional document management into wider digital workflow management and processing, and ultimately will provide digitized closed-loop Document Management Services.

    Rachel Stormonth, Nelson Hall

  • testimonials

    For many years, we could always rely on our partner Swiss Post Solutions. Thanks to the new Omni-Channel Solution that links up with IncaMail, we are now able to send personnel documents, payslips and travel expense statements to the private e-mail address of our employees – knowing that all mail is completely secure.

    Oliver Hebold, Head of Projects, Information, Logistics and Reporting, DB Mobility Logistics AG

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