Omni-Channel Output Services

Right message, right channel, right time – Improve performance and build loyalty with an Omni-Channel-Output Factory. SPS supports client-to-customer communication through physical and digital channels.

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Create strategic communication campaigns across both physical and digital channels

Digital volumes are continuing to increase but print remains a crucial channel. For the foreseeable future companies will have to operate in a hybrid world where they must provide a best-in-class digital experience while supporting customers that still prefer print documents.
Customers should be allowed to switch seamlessly between channels based on their preferences. For example, someone may prefer to pay their bills online with their phone but still want to receive their year-end bank statement as a hard copy. This requires an integrated approach, with both physical and digital communications being managed in a single, holistic solution.

Evolving your communications infrastructure

A one size fits all approach won’t work. Modern customers value a personalized experience and want information that is relevant to their needs. It can be an operational challenge to provide this level of micro-customization while managing a campaign that has millions of documents.

Print can also be expensive. Therefore, it is vital that companies find a way to make their physical output more efficient and cost-effective, whilst also using it as a way to maximize customer experience, drive upselling and build customer loyalty.


Transactional Printing

Secure and efficient transactional printing, from data input through to document dispatch

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Direct Mailing

Enable targeted messaging on your business documents and increase your sales revenue

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Digital Delivery Channels

Integrate electronic communication channels alongside traditional print media to advance internal and external processes

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A scalable, end-to-end solution for omni-channel output

SPS’ Omni-Channel Output Services manages customer communications at scale.
Our services include:
  • Manage, process and deliver all of your customer communications output across digital and print channels
  • Create online portals to help digitize communication
  • Personalize digital and print communications to provide tailored experiences for each customer
  • Track and trace all communications to ensure regulatory compliance and to analyze campaign performance
  • Centralize data and update and manage customer profiles
SPS’ approach is based on advanced technology, skilled workers and process excellence. Our output management system (OMS) integrates with the client’s platform allowing us to manage high-volume campaigns across both print and digital channels. All communications are closely integrated so customers get the same message and experience whether receiving a letter, an email or an SMS message.
With our digital print technology and advanced platform, we can micro-customize every document to provide a unique experience that focuses on providing relevant information to each customer. All communications are tracked and we use the data to improve future campaigns and keep customer profiles accurate and updated.
SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Services include
•    Transactional printing
•    Direct mailing
•    Digital delivery channels

The benefits of SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Services

Increase efficiency, reduce costs
SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory is a shared service model, generating significant economies of scale. We strategically convert print communication to digital channels, where appropriate, reducing overall print output. As a major provider, we get preferential postal rates for our clients. Together these approaches can help reduce costs of communication campaigns by 30% or more.
Manage fluctuating volumes
A shared services model allows companies to deal with huge volume spikes at key times of the year, without having to invest in permanent infrastructure all year-round. In the financial services sector, for example, companies can see massive increases in volumes as customer’s request annual account statements or prepare tax statements.
Business continuity
Having flexible and reliable service partners makes companies more operationally robust and allows them to continue to deliver, even in the event of a major disruption.
Combining print and digital communication
The majority of customer communications are still done via print.  SPS integrates both print and digital in one seamless solution, so companies can leverage the benefits of digitalization while still providing an optimal service to customers who prefer print.
Create personalized experiences for customers
A relevant, personalized experience is expected by today’s customers.   According to McKinsey, omni-channel personalization can increase revenues by 5-15%.1 With SPS’ omni-channel approach you can target the right customer with the right message at the right time.
Data management
Data volumes are growing exponentially as customers increasingly use a range of connected devices and digital touch-points. SPS centralizes data, and manages and updates customer profiles with real-time information; allowing you to create accurate, targeted communications campaigns based on customer preferences.
Best-in-class security
SPS’ solution is built from the ground up with the highest standards of security in mind. All communications can be carefully tracked and audited ensuring the highest security standards as well as regulatory adherence.
To see how our Omni-Channel Output Management services can benefit your business,
1 McKinsey, ‘The end of shopping’s boundaries: Omnichannel personalization .’ Available at: November 2020.

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    At Stena Line we believe it is important to invest money into providing value-added IT services for our customers. In order for us to take our billing services to the next level it was important that we chose a provider who could cater for our needs, by listening and developing a solution that was right for us – and that’s exactly what Swiss Post Solutions has done.

    Freight Commercial Manager, Stena Line UK&I

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