Outsourced office services

SPS’s highly trained service support staff provide a wide array of office services including customer onboarding, reception, print solutions, reprographics, admin support and more.

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The value of outsourcing front-office services

Dealing with multiple outsourcing partners simultaneously is time-consuming and can increase administration costs for companies. A lack of integration between systems can also result in knowledge gaps and disjointed processes, which affect service quality.
Each vendor may be operating their own IT system and have their own ways of working, which reduces the opportunity for efficiency and can increase wastage. When office services are being run as a series of different parts, rather than an interconnected whole, it is also harder to innovate and execute larger strategic transformation, as processes tend to get more complicated.
Alternatively, companies can run these services in-house, which is time-consuming and takes management resources away from more business-critical activities.  

SPS Office Services

Alongside its outsourced mailroom offering, SPS provides a complete suite of document and managed print solutions. This includes:

  • Reprographics
  • Printing
  • Document management
  • Archiving
  • Desktop publishing 
  • Database management
Taking an end-to-end approach to managing office services is not only cost-effective but it can increase productivity. For example, by combining digital print and shipping, outgoing mail can be optimized, reducing paper usage and expenditure.
SPS also provides highly trained support staff for office management tasks such as operating reception and concierge services, and conference center management.
Our ‘One Team’ approach means we can support multiple services with the same consistent, high-quality service. Representing your company culture and organization and ensuring your business makes a strong and lasting impression on customers and employees.

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Benefits of Outsourcing your Office Services to SPS

Cost reduction

By consolidating multiple office services, SPS can create efficiencies and reduce expenditure on non-core operations. One client was able to save $5 million over the course of its contract with this approach.

Increased operational performance

Our highly trained, specialized staff are focused on providing first-class service levels. They are cross-trained, which prevents staff shortages and ensures a consistent customer experience.

Improved service and agility

Targeted control during volume fluctuations provide business continuity in every scenario, improving service quality and agility.

Core activities 

By outsourcing office services, you can focus on your core activities, adding more value to your company and the work of your employees.


By integrating and improving print and logistics services, SPS can cut wastage and reduce CO2 emissions.

Find out how to create synergies by outsourcing related office functions as a bundle rather than as separate tasks.

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