Physical Mailroom Services

SPS’s physical mailroom management can be on-site or off-site and fully tailored to your company’s specific needs. We take care of your physical mailroom, so you can focus on your core business.

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The value of an outsourced physical mailroom

Mailrooms play a vital role in the smooth functioning of a business. Yet, many are run using manual processes and traditional, siloed workflows. The result is a lack of cost optimization and poor service quality as legacy systems struggle to cope with in-bound and out-bound mail volumes.
As customer experience becomes the new battleground for many companies, mailrooms can quickly become the weak link. Part of the problem is under-investment in technology and a lack of deep process knowledge in what is often not considered a core business area.

On-site physical Mailroom

SPS manages over 500 physical mailrooms worldwide and handles around 120 million items of mail for a range of industries each year.
For onsite physical mailrooms, SPS manages the whole process from mail collection, sorting, and processing to delivery and courier services. SPS maintains individual service levels for every customer that cover all mailroom activities, allowing us to provide consistent high-quality output. 
By re-designing workflows within the physical mailroom, SPS improves efficiency and enhances the experience of the end-customer. SPS operates the industry’s largest mailroom database, with detailed information on around 800 operations. We use this data to benchmark your mailroom against similar operations, ensuring that it performs to the very best standard in the market, whether it is mail handling times or employee productivity.

SPS's on-site Mailroom Services include

  • Full service covering inbound and outbound mail
  • Benchmarking again best-in-case operations
  • Courier services
  • Integrated print management
  • Third party supplier network
  • Access to best available postal rates
  • Robust reporting – Insight into mail trends and patterns
  • Flexible pricing model
To learn more about how SPS can transform your on-site mailroom,

Off-site physical Mailroom

SPS’s off-site physical mailroom solution involves managing a company’s entire mailroom operations from a centralized off-site mail center. This hub can support multiple locations and even home offices, providing a flexible and resilient service for the modern business.
All mail and packages are x-rayed and screened upon receipt. This adds a strong layer of security and ensures any potential risk is taken off-premises.
With an off-site physical mailroom, companies are able to decrease their real-estate footprint and support multiple distributed office locations. This reduces the need for internal mailroom management resources and facilities and allows companies to completely focus on their core value proposition.

SPS's off-site Mailroom Services include

  • Support for multiple office and home-office locations
  • All incoming mail is x-rayed
  • Robust mailroom analytics and analysis
  • Targeted control during volume fluctuations
  • Transactional pricing instead of fixed costs
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The benefits of SPS’s physical mailroom

Reduced costs 

SPS’s scale allows us to access the best postal rates and generate savings on equipment and third-party contracts, which reduces the costs of mailroom operations.

Business process optimization 

Through decades of operational experience, SPS can create maximum efficiencies in the mailroom, whether it is re-designing workflows or ensuring there is the optimal headcount for the mail volume.

Benchmark performance 

SPS operates the industry's largest mailroom database. We can benchmark against similar operations and make sure that your mailroom performs to the very best standard in the market.

Increased operational efficiency

Opting for one single mailroom outsourcing vendor increases efficiencies and results in more seamless processes. Management resources can be cut as you only have to oversee one partner.

Risk reduction 

With an off-site mailroom, all incoming mail is x-rayed. Minimizing risk to all aspects of business continuity to protect your organization, employees and reputation.

Corporate sustainability 

By optimizing the physical mailroom and improving logistics services, SPS helps to reduce wastage and reduce CO2 emissions.

Find out how a outsourced physical mailroom can improve service levels, while rationalizing costs.

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    By focusing on a service provider, we are benefiting from efficiency and cost optimisation. Swiss Post Solutions provides reliable and flexible care of all the mailroom activities and the related tasks, which are continuously optimised. As a result, we have been able to develop, in the last few years, the necessary competence for a professional mailroom service.

    Head of Section, Global Reinsurer

  • testimonials

    Over the last four years Swiss Post Solutions have established themselves as a top performing outsource provider to our company and have demonstrated that they can quickly adapt to new challenges.

    Head of Information Services, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

  • testimonials

    Mail and document management may be vital to our business, but is not a core expertise of our business. We were looking for a specialist partner who could benchmark our practices, and deliver us a bespoke, innovative and measurable solution that supported - to an even greater extent - our primary business.

    Services Director, Telegraph Media Group

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