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The journey towards future-proofing your business starts with the digital mailroom. Transform inbound and outbound mail with SPS’s outsourced digital mailroom solutions.

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The value of a digital mailroom

The modern consumer expects to be able to contact a company 24/7 from the device of their choice and get a fast and accurate reply. However, volumes of white mail and faxes remain high, still accounting for the majority of inbound documents for the mailroom.
Companies struggle to cope with this influx in a hybrid digital-physical environment, which leads to disjointed processes, slow responses, and poor customer service. As workplace cultures become increasingly agile, organizations also need mailroom solutions that can support remote workers in a more decentralized structure.
In case of disruption, firms have to maintain business continuity and ensure they can secure vital information. By digitizing incoming mail, companies can build operational resilience, improve service levels, and accelerate their digital transformation in order to remain dominant in a fast-paced market.

SPS Digital Mailroom Services

With SPS’s Digital Mailroom Services, costs for mail handling and document management are cut significantly. SPS’s Digital Mailroom Services allow companies to manage both physical and digital communications in a seamless, end-to-end, automated mailroom solution.
Physical mail is automatically scanned, digitized, and categorized by our omni-channel software, before being delivered directly to the recipient/s via our secure management platform. This means that if employees are travelling, working remotely or are permanently spread across multiple locations they can still receive their mail efficiently and quickly.
Digitizing inbound mail helps to reduce paper usage and allows information to be transferred quickly throughout the company. Our archive Document Scanning Service means paper documents are available reliably and on demand as digital files, creating robust regulatory processes.
Digital communications can also be managed through the same centralized system. By leveraging advanced technology like intelligent automation and machine learning, SPS can process high volumes of communications with maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Managing both physical and digital communications in a single solution allows companies to operate effectively in a hybrid mailroom environment. Customers can also switch easily between channels, providing a personalized service that fits their own preferences.

SPS's Digital Mailroom Services include

  • Mail scanning
  • File categorization
  • Archiving systems
  • Records management
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Omni-channel output
  • Full audit trail
  • End-to-end security
about how SPS can digitalize your mailroom operation today!

The benefits of SPS’s Digital Mailroom include

Improved performance 

Information can be transferred in a ‘workflow ready’ format to any member of the organization, across the globe, in seconds. While we take care of your mailroom, you can focus on your core services. 

Cost reduction 

With a digital mailroom, there is reduced need for office space, storage and infrastructure which cuts operational expenditure. 

Business continuity 

Communications can be easily transferred across the organization even if workers are located in different places, work from home or travellingfrequently. 

Higher productivity 

Through automation, SPS can significantly reduce mail handling times, resulting in higher employee productivity.

Increased transparency 

Digital communications provide a full audit trail. Companies can also digitally archive important documents and demonstrate compliance even in highly regulated industries like healthcare and insurance.

Access innovation 

By partnering with a single vendor, clients can access SPS’s advanced technology and prepare for digital transformation

A digital mailroom helps ensure compliance in tightly regulated industries, and paves the way for wider digital transformation throughout the business.

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    With Swiss Post Solutions we have more than 99% of documents digitally available for case management same day.

    CIO, Insurance company

  • testimonials

    The new centralised service and the use of Swiss Post Solutions’ digital mail solutions has enabled a more streamlined process by reducing the number of parties handling the cheques and freed up the General Accounts Services team to undertake more specialist activity.

    General Accounting Services Team Leader, Zurich Insurance Group

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions offered the right combination of technology, mail expertise and understanding of the unique nature of an airport operating environment. Swiss Post Solutions were able to offer Emirates a solution that met our immediate requirements and provided opportunities for wider benefits.

    Vice President, Central Services, Emirates Group

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