Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Cutting edge outsourced mailroom solutions for inbound and outbound mail, as well as a suite of office services. SPS mailroom outsourcing goes deeper than simple outsourcing, involving business process design, mailroom management services, and digital transformation.

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The value of mailroom outsourcing

Corporate mailrooms are under pressure to evolve as companies look to reduce costs for non-core operations. Reducing expenditure remains an important goal, but according to research from Deloitte, in today’s operating environment, the emphasis has shifted away from a pure focus on cost-efficiency.
Communication volumes are increasing rapidly as new digital channels emerge. Not just digital but also physical communication such as parcels, legal documents and more are part of today’s growing mailroom. In addition, new ways of working mean that mailrooms may have to serve multiple locations, such as home offices. Held back by legacy systems and manual processes, mailrooms are struggling to cope with the demands of the modern business environment, and customer satisfaction is suffering as a direct result.
Whereas once mailroom outsourcing was predominantly a way to reduce overheads, now it can improve service quality, accelerate innovation, and support a whole organization to operate at peak performance.


Physical Mailroom

On- or off-site, SPS can manage your physical mailroom to improve efficiency, enhance security and streamline mailroom workflows between multiple locations.

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Digital Mailroom

Empower your business to be more accessible by outsourcing a 24/7 digital mailroom. Compliance and global communication have never been so easy.

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Office Services Outsourcing

SPS can manage administrative and time-intensive tasks to allow your skilled workforce to focus on business-critical duties. Increase productivity and reduce costs by outsourcing office services.

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SPS Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Swiss Post Solutions’ Mailroom Outsourcing Services help companies to increase efficiency and maximize output while optimizing costs. Mailroom Outsourcing Services is our core business, with more than 500 mailrooms worldwide we have expertise in many industries and cultures.
SPS manage on- and off-site physical and digital mailrooms, giving businesses greater flexibility and optimal cost-to-service ratios. 
Process excellence and advanced technology means we are able to manage both physical and digital mail streams in one connected system, breaking down operational silos and improving the customer experience. 
Through mailroom analytics and reporting, SPS identifies trends which help to improve business process performance. As part of our integrated approach, we also provide related office services such as document processing, reprographics, print, shipping and other office activities. Having one team and one solution produces a seamless, high-quality service across all customer touchpoints.

Learn how mailroom outsourcing can increase service quality, speed up innovation, and support a whole organization to operate at peak performance.

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The benefits of SPS’s Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Improved business performance

Faster processing of inbound mail and quicker response times can help improve service quality and boost customer satisfaction. Our Mailroom Outsourcing Services allow companies to focus on their main business areas, maximize value and increase worker productivity.

Streamlined mailroom costs

Whether it’s through process optimization or purchasing at scale, SPS can significantly reduce mailroom management costs and equipment. Get in touch to find out how SPS could save costs for your business.

Undisrupted business operations 

Digital mail solutions and off-site centers can allow targeted control of volume reductions. They also provide business continuity in case of disruption and can support mobile and flexi-working practices.

Digital Transformation

By digitalizing the mailroom, SPS can help companies prepare for wider digital transformation and innovation. Find out more about digital tranformation.

Insights & Data-led forecasting

SPS software can give you insight into trends, patterns and performance to help drive further improvements and aid future planning. 

Compliance and security

Digital solutions enable robust audit trails, which help to improve security and support regulatory reporting.

To find out if an outsourced mailroom would be an option for your business,
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    Helping a global bank realise significant savings and reduce risk

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    By partnering with Swiss Post Solutions we have benefitted from bespoke, innovative and measurable solutions, as well as a shared belief in strong business ethics and high standards of people management, growth and development. Outsourcing to Swiss Post Solutions has meant that we can re-focus valuable time and effort on our primary business.

    Facilities Manager, Canon UK

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions contributes to the success of JLL and our clients by consistently delivering to a high standard, on time and within budget, as well as a global leadership team that supports us with exceptional customer service.

    Head-Supply Chain Management & Procurement , Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd

  • testimonials

    The partnership with Swiss Post Solutions enables us to implement best practices for our clients, using key performance indicators and detailed reporting, and having rapid and up-to-date access to accurate invoice processing data will improve decision making for ELFS employees and enhance the service they provide to clients.

    Director, ELFS Shared Services

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