Travel Expense Management

Swiss Post Solutions provides a full BPO Travel Expense service with end-to-end process ownership, including automation solutions and other reliable and cost-effective ways of managing professional travel expenses.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your expense management

An efficient, streamlined process that secures timely reimbursement is key to employee satisfaction. Equally important is compliance with tax laws and internal regulations and, at the same time, the achievement of greater efficiency and reduced costs. The automated processing of documents relating to expenses for travel and accommodation allows you to restructure your existing workflow and so enables you to save money and process claims much more efficiently.



Improved management of travel expenses

We take care of the entire processing and archiving of your travel expense documents so you can focus on your core activities:

  • Daily processing of travel expense vouchers including preparation and digitisation
  • Complete case handling according to company rules
  • Correction of incorrect claims and feedback to employee
  • Transfer of travel expense claims in digital format including check results
  • Archiving and document destruction according to data protection regulations

Business value through travel expenses automation

Checking and approving claims for travel expenses is often very tedious and time consuming. All claim forms and vouchers must be verified, filed, and archived in order to comply with tax laws and internal regulations. Improving your travel expenses management results in faster processing times, greater accuracy, and higher levels of staff satisfaction. Our processes are fully certified, enabling us to guarantee the highest levels of quality, security, and data protection.

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    Omni-Channel Solution for Deutsche Bahn

    Transitioning from standard mailing due to cost concerns and the need for fast communication.

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  • Case Study

    Deutsche Bahn RPA

    Deutsche Bahn reaches ROI within one year through automation and process outcourcing

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