Our E-Billing Solution replaces manual or paper-based billing processes with an electronic billing Portal, which facilitates the immediate delivery of invoices and statements and provides clients with access online and on-demand.

Improve billing processes - for you and your customers

A modern business needs to take every chance to engage with its customers in effective and efficient ways. Customers are demanding flexible payment methods and more intuitive and agile ways of managing their accounts, and companies of every size are seeking to reduce their costs, encourage faster payments, and increase transparency.

Bills and statements are prime targets for innovation. Our E-Billing Solution changes the ways in which both B2B and B2C companies are relating to their customers.

Switch to a multi-channel billing strategy

Switching from paper billing to a multi-channel mix of physical and electronic billing is crucial to a company's 21st century billing strategy, and yields benefits far beyond the obvious operational efficiencies. Our specialised knowledge, unrivalled experience and world-class technology is allowing many leading organisations to enjoy the benefits of an integrated billing system. Swiss Post Solutions provides a multi-level, multi-channel solution that includes:

  • Billing data handling.
  • Electronic document composition, distribution and archiving.
  • Postal file processing, printing, collation, sorting to take advantage of mail discounts and mailing.
  • Self-service portal.
  • Customer migration programs.
  • Advanced capabilities include handling multiple suppliers, discounts, integration with ERP and rapid configuration.

Faster payments and a better customer experience

The adoption of E-Billing is increasing by over 20% each year on a global level, and more and more customers accept and indeed expect to receive e-bills rather than traditional paper invoices. E-Billing adopters now enjoy more sustainable practices and stronger customer relationships. The Swiss Post Solutions E-Billing Solution delivers faster payments for your business and a better experience for your customers. Invoices and statements can be dispatched instantly along with proof of delivery. Customers have online, on-demand access to information relating to their account, and invoice issuers receive fewer requests for copy invoices, and are better informed, speeding up dispute resolution and making it easier to chase payments. Additional advantages include:

  • Multi-channel billing with cost effective print and mail options where required.
  • More secure and auditable processes.
  • Smooth integration of even our most advanced services.
  • 80% reduction in the cost per invoice and 80% of companies achieve return on investment within six months.
  • Faster cash collection, fewer barriers to payment.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – an electronic invoice has only a fraction of the impact of its printed and posted counterpart.

  • Case Study

    Jersey Electricity

    Learn how a full service customer billing and usage data portal allowed Jersey Electricity to realise a 40% reduction in print and mail costs.

    Read Case Study about Jersey Electricity Read Case Study

  • Case Study

    Transport company - Stena Line

    Learn how E-Billing enables Stena Line to take on more work, without having to invest in additional resources.

    Read Case Study about Transport company - Stena Line Read Case Study

Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions Services will reduce our paper use and bill mailing costs, and customers will be able to streamline their energy use saving them money, energy and therefore reducing carbon emissions.

    CEO, Jersey Electricity

  • testimonials

    Swiss Post Solutions has a proven, managed transition programme from print to electronic delivery methods that has been a positive experience for us, without any disruption to our business or inconvenience for our customers.

    Senior Credit Manager, Brakes

  • testimonials

    At Stena Line we believe it is important to invest money into providing value-added IT services for our customers. In order for us to take our billing services to the next level it was important that we chose a provider who could cater for our needs, by listening and developing a solution that was right for us – and that’s exactly what Swiss Post Solutions has done.

    Freight Commercial Manager, Stena Line UK&I

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