Accounts Receivable Automation

Our solution provides real time insight into Accounts Receivable. Combining finance process expertise and staff transfer with best-in-class technology, we enable intelligence led decision making, reducing costs and improving financial performance.

Digitise and automate the Accounts Receivable Process

Our Accounts Receivable Automation (ARA) Solution provides a complete end-to-end service that streamlines the whole AR process from customer on-boarding through to credit management and risk reporting, contributing to better financial results. We turn the time-consuming, manual tasks of accounting into intelligent, automated processes and real time information keeps you right up-to-date at all times. You can even transfer your back-office staff to us, so the in-house team can focus on cash collections and overall financial performance. As part of our Accounts Receivable Solution we also offer a standalone E-Billing Solutions.



We provide solutions from entry-level to more advanced and complex billing data processing

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Improved insight drives performance

Our Accounts Receivable Automation Solution streamlines the process, providing end-to-end visibility and insight to support decision making. It enables our clients to bring customers on-board efficiently, ensuring that they pass the right credit checks. Collections are quicker, and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is reduced, delivering Weighted Average Cost of Capital savings and reducing resourcing levels on low value manual tasks. Costly, time-consuming disputes are handled quickly, increasing Accounts Receivable efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

The way it works:

  • Digital on-boarding with real-time credit checking.
  • Omni-channel billing and customer portal.
  • Automated diary management and workload prioritisation for AR team.
  • Real time collections updates – more accurate Dunning.
  • Automated payment matching and allocation.
  • Integrated reporting and risk analysis.
  • Range of delivery options including fully outsourced service with staff transfer.

Tangible improvements to cash flow

Our proven Accounts Receivable Automation solution improves cash flow, enhances service efficiency and provides a better customer experience. Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable function brings the following benefits:

  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding.
  • Reduced delinquent debt and defaults.
  • Reduced headcount in financial operations.
  • Fewer disputes because of self-service query resolutions.
  • Rapid and more accurate credit approvals.
  • More accurate Dunning.
  • Improved real time customer insight and reporting.
  • Ability to match credit terms to payment behaviour.
  • Tangible operational and financial benefits.

E-Billing typically reduces costs per invoice by 70%, end-to-end processes reduce DSO by 20% and as 90% of payments are automatically matched the use of resources could be reduced by up to 50%.

  • Case Study

    Leading food service business

    Learn how a sustainable, scalable and efficient electronic solution delivers benefits to the Brakes Group.

    Read Case Study about Leading food service business Read Case Study

Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    We’re thrilled that our unique combination of technical and legal expertise is now available to SPS customers. SPS’ service philosophy and modern solution architecture made it easy for our services to be completely embedded without any need for SPS customers to adapt their systems or processes.

    Stina Treven, CEO of TrustWeaver

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