Accounts Payable Automation

Swiss Post Solutions provides a full BPO Accounts Payable Service with end-to-end process ownership, including automation solutions - from receiving an invoice through to payment.

Intelligent and comprehensive automation of invoice processing

Most F&A departments have already experienced the BPO hype of cost reductions, labour arbitrage, the standardisation and streamlining of existing processes. But gaps in end-to-end solutions, as well as quality issues remain. At the same time companies have to improve productivity and efficiency in order to compete in the global environment. As a supplier of invoicing solutions Swiss Post Solutions addresses today’s challenges in accounting with process accuracy for transaction, automation, compliance and data analytics.  Read an accounts payable automation case study to discover more.

Improved performance through accounts payable automation

We apply expertise in OCR, combined with artificial intelligence, to manage the complete accounts payable process. The additional combination of robotics and near-shore/offshore delivery supports the handling of exception cases and resolution and approval management.

This brings our clients clear advantages:

  • Streamlined invoice processes of the highest efficiency.
  • Greater automation for fast and timely processing.
  • Higher levels of quality and accuracy.
  • Expertise in international solutions for global business efficiency.

Business value through accounts payable automation

Our core competencies are directly geared towards the current strategic priorities of F&A practices. High automation rates and quality focused delivery teams allow you to concentrate on your own core activities and spend less time auditing service providers. Data analytics and reporting also support your planning, forecasting and decision-making processes.

  • Case Study

    ELFS - UK National Health Service

    Learn how an enhanced accounts payable service grew from five to seventeen Health Trusts.

    Read Case Study about ELFS - UK National Health Service Read Case Study

  • Case Study

    Accounts payable management for leading leasing company

    Read Case Study about Accounts payable management for leading leasing company Read Case Study

Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    By cooperating with Swiss Post Solutions, we have been able to optimise our accounts payable management within the shortest of time, improving the quality of service while lowering our costs.

    Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH

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