Enhancing your digital mailroom with IA

Businesses running large omni-channel mailrooms deal with the pressures of processing large volumes each day. Quantities can be sporadic, adding to the complexity of managing unstructured information.

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How intelligent automation can improve mailroom efficiency

Intelligent automation can be used to replace manual information handling in the mailroom. Documents – whether physical or digital ­– are scanned. Then the most relevant information is automatically classified and extracted, using a mix of optical character recognition (OCR) and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Companies can use IA to automate 80% of mailroom processes, leaving human workers to concentrate on what they do best: managing more complex, nuanced tasks. IA can reduce processing times and increase accuracy, whilst allowing companies to scale up and down rapidly in response to demand. Effectively creating a digital mailroom.   
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The benefits of IA in the mailroom

IA improves efficiency and performance by enabling departments to meet service level agreements more easily. IA facilitates a consistent quality of service, even when customers flip between communication channels, improving the customer experience.
The additional benefits of IA include the ability to:
  • Process data in up to half the time
  • Operate  24/7 with 98% accuracy
  • Easily scale for seasonality and volume anomalies
  • Reduce costs by up to 74%
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