Improving Customer communication with intelligent automation

Conventional communications channels are still going strong. However, customers expect to communicate with businesses through a variety of digital channels. Intelligent Automation (IA) can assist companies to overcome these challenges.

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Automating customer communications management

Due to complexities in processing and high volumes, companies are struggling to provide the same seamless experience across all their physical and digital communication channels.
Instead of relying on manual processing, companies can use IA to automatically scan, read and extract data from a variety of inbound sources. Document information is analyzed by content, context, and even sentiment and the solution can operate 24/7.
Find out how PostLogistics improved customer experience and streamlined workflows for employees by switching from manual processing to an AI-enabled platform.

The benefits of IA for customer communication

Huge inflows of unstructured data are turned into structured, usable information that can be efficiently processed. The information is sorted, for example by type and language, and can then be passed on to the responsible customer-facing teams. They have all information available at a glance, thanks to the standardized graphical user interface. As the data is centralized, it becomes possible to take an omni-channel approach and respond to customers across any physical or digital media.
The additional benefits of automating your customer communications include the ability to:
  • Process data in up to half the time
  • Operate 24/7 with 98% accuracy
  • Easily scale for seasonality and volume anomalies
  • Reduce costs by up to 74%
  • Constantly process improvements through detailed analytics
Combining automation and a manual workforce can maximize operational efficiency. The key is a well-designed process, where automation handles the majority of requests, with more complex cases and exceptions routed to skilled operators.
To find out how your company can benefit from automating customer communication in our interactive whitepaper.
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