Intelligent Claims Automation

Companies shoulder an immense workload when it comes to customer claims. Due to the complexity and volumes, employees can become bottlenecks along the process. This is where Intelligent Automation (IA) comes into play.

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Using IA to improve claims processing

By leveraging automation, claims are processed almost instantly and companies can enable faster refunds and create a better customer experience. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be used to detect fraudulent claims, helping to reduce unnecessary payouts. IA transfers claims to human operators after extracting enough information to ensure it reaches the right individual.

The benefits of intelligent claims automation

Utilizing Intelligent Automation (IA) can improve process flows as it can continuously analyze and categorize claims much faster and efficiently than human employees and filter them to the relevant sub-processes. This results in the ability to:
  • Process data in up to half the time
  • Operate 24/7 with 98% accuracy
  • Easily scale for seasonality and volume anomalies
  • Reduce costs by up to 74%
  • Constantly process improvements through detailed analytics
  • Respond to customers through their preferred channel
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