Intelligent Backoffice

By leveraging digital technology, process expertise, and a skilled global workforce, SPS can manage entire end-to-end backoffice functions for our clients.

The Value Of An Intelligent Backoffice

As the global economy becomes more competitive, there is a constant need for companies to increase quality, productivity, and speed, whilst optimising costs. One area that is ripe for transformation is the backoffice. Many core backoffice functions are still completed in-house, with a reliance on manual processing. This is costly and time consuming and can result in backlogs and poor customer service, especially for high-volume tasks. 

What Is An Intelligent Backoffice?

Swiss Post Solutions’ (SPS) Intelligent Backoffice can handle core processes that were previously considered too complex to outsource. SPS achieves this by integrating technology, skilled workers and advanced process engineering in a single solution. High-volume repetitive tasks are automated using a mixture of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA). A skilled workforce located in an onshore, nearshore, or offshore location handles the more complex cases and exceptions. The combination of people, processes and technology results in faster processing times and a higher-quality output.

SPS’ Intelligent Backoffice

  • Increase productivity for complex tasks – Instead of digitising individual tasks, SPS can take responsibility for entire backoffice processes, improving quality and speed.
  • Increase efficiency – Through automation and process optimisation, SPS was able to increase efficiency for backoffice processes by 30% for a client.
  • Improve resilience – Swiss Post Solutions’ global network of shared service centres can work completely digital, and workload can be balanced or shifted within the network.
  • No upfront capital costs – By using SPS’ existing infrastructure of digital service centres, there is no upfront capital expenditure.
To learn how our Intelligent Backoffice can support your business,

  • Case Study

    Vehicle Management and customer service for a leasing company

    Read Case Study about Vehicle Management and customer service for a leasing company Read Case Study

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