Future-Proof Global Operations

Generate outstanding performance and resilience, whilst optimizing costs, with a connected global operations network.

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The Value Of A Connected Global Operations Network

Businesses are under great pressure to streamline operations, whilst continuing to improve performance levels. Traditional offshoring models are no longer fit for purpose as companies need partners that can deliver speed, quality and resilience, as well as cost advantages.
Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) has decades of global operational experience. We believe that a new outsourcing model is emerging, one that leverages digital technology, standardised processes, a scalable global workforce and a connected network of operations centers located across the world. This dynamic ecosystem manages complex backoffice processes with the same quality as an onshore solution, but with lower costs and greater flexibility. Digital workflows can be moved between different locations or shifted from offshore to onshore sites to increase efficiency and enhance resilience. Because the infrastructure leverages standardised processes and global workforce, it can rapidly scale to handle high volumes.

A Global Infrastructure Of Connected Service Centers

SPS has over 20 locations worldwide in Europe, North America and Asia. Our approach has four main components:


Digital Workflow

Digitising inbound information and removing manual touchpoints to increase efficiency and agility.

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Intelligent Backoffice

Using a combination of advanced technology and skilled people to manage entire backoffice processes. Companies can de-localise core functions and boost resilience and performance.

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Smart Shoring

Breaking processes into components and then using the optimum shoring location to maximise quality and cost-effectiveness.

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Rapid Scaling

Being able to quickly scale operations in response to changes in the business environment.

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The Benefits Of SPS' Global Operation Network

Onshore quality at lower costs
Swiss Post Solutions can breakdown complex backoffice functions and split them between different onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations. As a result, we can generate up to a 30% in process cost reductions, whilst boosting quality and speed.
Unrivalled flexibility with a global workforce
SPS has 3,500 highly trained operators located around the world, allowing us to deliver 24/7 and in 36 languages. We can scale up capacity rapidly to meet increased demand or to support clients as they target new markets.
Agility in the face of disruption
Shift digital and physical workloads easily between sites, providing greater resilience in the event of disruption. We can move core workloads within hours in response to a major event.
Accelerate digital transformation and future-proof your operations
By partnering with Swiss Post Solutions companies can access advanced tech solutions without having to build the systems in-house, helping them to fast-forward their digital transformation.
Learn how global operations can help you improve your business resilience

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