Digital Transformation

A combination of advanced technology, deep industry expertise, and process excellence enables companies to harness the power of digitalization and revolutionize their operations.

Achieving more with digitization

As digital technology continues to advance, customers are demanding greater speed, convenience, and responsiveness from companies. In fact, according to PwC, 73% of buyers now see customer experience as a key factor in their purchasing decision.
In the modern environment, getting customer experience right is the key to winning new business and enhancing loyalty. At the same time companies are under great pressure to cut costs. They are left in a situation where they have to deliver a better service for their customers while reducing expenditure and protecting margins. Digital transformation is one way of achieving this.
By leveraging the efficiency of automation and digitalization, companies are able to do more with less. Meanwhile, redirecting employees from routine tasks to more high-value areas of the business, can increase productivity further and drive revenue growth.

Transform your operations with SPS’ end-to-end solutions


Digitalize inbound communications

Turn unstructured data into useable information. Extract and classify relevant information.

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Process Excellence

Input information into back-office systems and process tasks. Bridge back-end and front-end operations.

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Omni-Channel Output

Respond to customer on preferred channel. Integrate new channels as they emerge.

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Step 1: Digitalize inbound communications

SPS helps companies optimize the customer experience and streamline their operations by digitizing inbound document management.
By using solutions like intelligent automation (IA), robotic process automation (RPA) and natural language processing and understanding, we can turn unstructured data from any channel into useable actionable information. This can be entered into a company’s back-end systems and workflows via interfaces, allowing efficient processing.

Step 2: Process excellence

Through a combination of automation and straight-through processing, we bridge the gap between the back-end and front-end operations, allowing tasks to be processed with speed and accuracy.
For certain processes, it is more efficient to use human labor, for others automation is the best option. With our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform, we combine the right mix of human and artificial intelligence (AI), creating a highly scalable and effective solution.

Step 3: Omni-channel output

The result is a frictionless process whereby customers can engage with the company and receive a response on the channel that is most convenient to them, whether physical or digital.
By deploying digital channels, which are cheaper to operate, alongside traditional physical channels, companies can significantly reduce the costs associated with printing, mailing and voice interactions.
Our single IT backbone allows us to integrate new channels and solutions as they emerge, creating a seamless operational experience for the customer and future-proofing companies against technological change.

The benefits of SPS’ end-to-end approach include

  • Physical/digital hybrid – SPS is one of the few companies that can operate both physical and digital channels within the same architecture, helping you provide a consistent experience across all contact points.
  • Handling peaks – Digital processes are scalable, allowing companies to quickly increase capacity in response to sudden peaks in demand.
  • Improved compliance Digitizing information creates data trails that are fully auditable and compliant with regulations such as GDPR.
  • Increase in revenue – An omni-channel communications platform can provide opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. For example, using social media channels to both answer enquiries and offer ancillary services.
  • Efficient finance – Deploying a digital framework improves efficiency across all areas of the finance function, from procurement to managing payroll processes.
  • Reduced call center requirement – Through intelligent automation (IA), we can reduce the resources needed to provide a premium customer service.
By maximizing customer experience, we help companies stand out from the competition, giving them a competitive advantage. We enable companies to respond more quickly and accurately on the customer’s preferred channel. Customer satisfaction can further be increased through:
  • Faster response times – Digitalizing information allows for more efficient processing.
  • Increased accuracy – Compared to manual processes, digital solutions are faster, more scalable, and have fewer errors.
  • Always-on workforce Digital processes can run 24/7, massively reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Real-time data Business intelligence that can be accessed in real-time and be used to optimize operations and generate meaningful customer insights.
To get started on the journey to digital transformation,

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