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SPS uses advanced technology, business process excellence, and deep industry experience to help our clients on their journey towards digital transformation.

Business Process Automation

The mix of technology with human expertize allows us to automate even complex business processes and manage entire workflows with scale, speed and accuracy.


Intelligent Automation (IA)

Transform your document processes with intelligent automation (IA) to compete in a fast evolving world.

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Digital Transformation

A combination of advanced technology, deep industry expertise, and process excellence enables companies to harness the power of digitalization and revolutionize their operations.

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Future-Proof Global Operations

Improve productivity and flexibility whilst optimizing costs with our global operations network.

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Business Process as a Service

By combining automation and human labor in a single BPaaS platform, companies can cope with growing data volumes and provide a dynamic, high-quality customer experience.

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Service Factory

Pre-built business service platforms contain a combination of advanced technology and labor in a single bundled offering.

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Intelligent Automation (IA)

IA involves deploying a combination of advanced technologies that allow companies to expand the boundaries of what is possible with automation.

SPS’s IA Solution includes robotic process automation (RPA), which mimics the actions of human workers and can be used to automate data entry, move information between systems and help support straight through processing. We also utilize cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Natural Language Understanding (NLU). These technologies are a form of artificial intelligence (IA) and can be used to not only understand human language but to also gauge the context and extract and classify the relevant information.
By combining RPA and AI, SPS is able to automate large areas of document processing and claims management.

Digital Transformation

SPS provides companies with the expertise, knowledge and tools to transform their internal and external business processes, making their operations more efficient, responsive and high-performing. Our approach to digital transformation starts with digitalizing inbound communications and turning this unstructured data into useable, actionable information. We then make sure this data is flowed throughout the organization and processed efficiently, bridging the gap between the back-end and front-end operations. The final step is omni-channel output, where we enable companies to seamlessly respond to their customers on any channel, whether digital or physical.

Global Operations

The future business environment will be characterized by accelerated digital transformation and frequent unpredictable business shocks. Many companies will reorganize business operations to optimize performance and resilience. Future-proof global operations are leveraging upon globally standardized processes, global access to the right people and global technology allowing you to operate in a flexible way. Key success factor is the global real-time control of these components.
SPS brings in core capabilities for future-proofing operations – based on the factors Digital Workflow, Intelligent Backoffice, Smart Shoring and Rapid Scaling.

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

SPS’s BPaaS Solution combines best-in-breed technology with a skilled workforce located in onshore, nearshore or offshore locations, with the whole system managed in a single platform. By utilizing a combination of intelligent automation (IA) and human labor, companies are able to increase efficiency, improve accuracy and transform the customer experience. And by leveraging human expertise alongside automation tools, entire business processes that were previously too challenging to automate can be managed with efficiency and accuracy. This can help companies reduce costs, improve processing times and transform the customer experience.  

Service Factory

SPS’s Innovative Service Factory model enables companies to complete complex business services at industrial scale. Our factories utilize a combination of automation technology and human labor, located in service centers anywhere in the world. But instead of a physical building, these different elements are brought together and managed in a cloud-hosted platform, and the output is delivered virtually. Each factory specializes in one main area, allowing companies to leverage shared infrastructure and access services on-demand. The result is faster processing times, better quality output and massive scalability. SPS operates Service Factories in four main areas: Data Processing, Omni-channel Output, HR Services and Payroll and Banking.

SPS as a Full-Service Provider

SPS is an end-to-end provider and we work with our clients on every stage of the digital transformation journey, from inbound communications to omni-channel output. With our deep technology and process experience we are able to implement best-in-class solutions for each task. The result is a reliable, scalable model that is cost-effective and high performing.
SPS’s clients typically see major increases in business processing times as well as improved quality and accuracy. For high volume tasks, cost savings can be in the range of 30-50%. SPS is one of the only hybrid providers that can manage both physical as well as digital inbound and outbound communication.
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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    I like SPS because they are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and committed to sustainability. I only ever had positive experiences with them.

    Robert Oudmayer, CEO, CembraMoney Bank AG

  • testimonials

    We are very happy with the constant and reliable services and the close and global relationships with SPS and the professional reporting and project management.

    Head of Document Logistics Zurich Insurance

  • testimonials

    SPS has helped us to build lean and secure processes for our incoming document management – we have significantly reduced the corresponding costs per contract.

    Head of Document Management, Direct Insurance

  • testimonials

    SPS enables us to further enhance the quality, quantity, and speed of the data we collect. At The NPD Group, we seek out state-of the-art solutions for business applications that add value to the services we provide. The SPS solution enables us to further enhance the quality, quantity, and speed of the data we collect, enabling us to provide our clients with the deep insights based on precise, timely and reliable data.

    Steve Coffey, Chief Innovation Officer, The NPD Group

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