Case Study

The Business Intelligence Sector

  • Challenge

    Following the successful launch of their receipt capture product, the company discovered that their incumbent partner could not keep up with monthly receipt volumes that increased from 7,000 to 1,000,000+ in a wide variety of formats.  They needed an innovative new processing solution that provided:

    Speed, Scalability, Flexibility, Accuracy, Security and Cost Effectiveness.
  • Solution

    Taking a collaborative approach, SPS developed and piloted an innovative solution:

    • Receipt images are gathered and processed into data
    • Data is imported directly into the client’s database based on defined business rules
    • Our off-shore solution is managed by SPS Vietnam, which offers immense delivery capabilities that are secure, scalable, accurate and cost-effective
  • Benefits

    SPS’ solution allows the client to process information with great accuracy and timeliness. In addition, it provides:

    • Scalability: SPS scaled up volumes by over 100x
    • Accuracy: SPS meets a 99% accuracy rate, even as the volumes increased
    • Cost Effectiveness: In addition to providing direct cost savings, SPS’ solution saved the cost and associated risks of building out the infrastructure within their own organization​

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