Case Study

Leading food service business

  • Challenge

    The Brakes Group is a leading all-round food service business and supplier to the food service industry. There are 16 businesses in the group, which employs over 10,000 staff at over 80 locations. With almost half a million statements printed and posted each year it was clear that a sustainable, scalable and efficient electronic solution would deliver benefits to Brakes and their customers. Brakes approached SPS to introduce an electronic solution for its customer statements.

  • Solution

    Brakes outsourced the print fulfilment for customer statements to Swiss Post Solutions in 2000. The new digital statements solution operates through a “pull system”, where customers access a dedicated online portal, allowing them to view their current and historic account data in an interactive and secure environment. Brakes customers can use the portal to view or download their statements and also export data for direct import into their own systems at any time.

  • Benefits

    • The service was extenced to include pdf statement distribution over email, resulting in savings on paper, print and postage, equating to an annual carbon saving of 1.5 t.
    • Significant cost savings, with the cost of electronic delivery typically being 80% lower than the printed alternative.
    • Brakes staff have benefitted from streamlined processes. At least four days per month have been recouped by the finance team.

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