Case Study

International Bank

  • Challenge

    In order to support the on-going change and growth programs that enable them to stay ahead of the competition this international client requires efficient back-office services. To address the challenge of ensuring that their mail and document processes where optimised, the client engaged Swiss Post Solutions to identify and implement service improvements for the bank’s internal and external customers.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions has put in place standardised, but adaptable processes, based on our expertise in mail and document processing and an in-depth understanding of the client's document processes. By conducting a detailed performance analysis of the current pocesses we were able to provide recommendations on preparation, processing and technology improvements that would enhance efficiency and customer experience, whilst also reducing costs.

  • Benefits

    Today, the bank has 1300 branches across the UK. Swiss Post Solutions has a long-standing relationship with the bank, operating as a partner for mail processing support.

    • Service levels have been exceeded and in the last two years of the partnership over 160 opportunities and initiatives to improve processes and to reduce the client's costs were identified.
    • The Swiss Post Solutions team is the only supplier that has scored above the clients 75% top-tier quality threshold for two years in a row.

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