Case Study

Insurance Provider

  • Challenge

    Profitability is an issue for the insurance industry as a whole.  The specific challenge for the new management team at ERS was to align back-office processes to their strategy, create efficiencies and savings and strengthen customer focus - faster responses, detailed reporting and increased transparency. To address these challenges ERS planned to reduce paper, increase automation and improve access to information enabling their staff to focus on front line activity and client relationships.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions focused on the claims and underwriting scanning process, as much of the documentation still entered the business on paper.  The solution focused on converting to digital at the earliest opportunity, a strategy that would deliver significant benefits at every stage of the document lifecycle:

    • Extracting more value from scanning
    • Integrating email to have a complete view of all claims
    • Modernising mail with an off-site digital mail solution
    • Reducing cost and carbon foot print with digital archiving
  • Benefits

    "The work SPS does ensures that our front line teams have immediate access to the information they need to help customers. That directly impacts our reputation and success."

    Benefits of the project included:

    • Initial savings of 40% compared with the cost of building a scanning operation in house.
    • Claim handling process reduced by 24 hours.
    • Incoming mail is delivered to desktops within 4 hours.

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