Case Study

Insurance Group

  • Challenge

    A European insurance group processes automobile insurance applications, which are delivered as 4-page documents featuring over 60 parameters. Applications are received as physical documents and the data is manually entered into the insurers back-office systems, which due to their complexity reduces staff efficiency. This presented the opportunity to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve the overall performance of the process.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions scans the documents as a first step, before forwarding them to staff. To bypass the waiting times that arise from the target application, staff enter manually the data received, which are displayed on the images/scans, into an intake tool. In the next step, a CSV file is generated, which displays the work basis for the robots. The robot processes the available data and transfers them to the target application in observance of business rules.

  • Benefits

    The advantages for our insurance client:

    • Reduction of manual processing by 50%
    • Employees do not face unproductive waiting times anymore, as systems are automatically updated using Robotic Process Automation
    • Average handling time per application is reduced by 40%
    • Process accuracy and quality are improved as human processing errors are removed
    • Operational costs are reduced

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