Case Study

Government Department

  • Challenge

    A strong track record in delivering document solutions led a global BPO provider to choose Swiss Post Solutions as their partner for this high profile Government contract. This multi-provider service presented technical and operational challenges in delivering the service to ambitious and complex SLA criteria. The client also required the service, including development, to be delivered on-shore in the UK, be compliant with IL3 Security standards and be implemented without affecting service users.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions provides a highly secure service within which robust processes and best in class technology ensure that the service levels are met. Automation enhances speed and accuracy. The previous solution had used off-shore manual keying, whilst our solution met the client’s specification for UK development and delivery, deploying technology and process automation to minimise manual keying and labour costs, while achieving the stringent SLA‘s.

  • Benefits

    Why this customer choose Swiss Post Solutions (SPS)

    • SPS had already delivered IL3 compliant services.
    • The SPS solution met all the key criteria including UK development, automation and delivery.
    • SPS demonstrated the scale and stability to support a contract of this size and sensitivity with strong references.
    • SPS has a well established reputation for delivering services in sectors where security and confidentiality are paramount.

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