Case Study

ELFS - UK National Health Service

  • Challenge

    East Lancashire Financial Services (ELFS) provides National Health Service organisations with a suite of business shared service processes. These include accounting to reporting, purchase to pay, income to cash, VAT services, treasury and cash management, capital assets and reporting etc. As a trusted business partner, ELFS is striving to improve the quality of the services it delivers and support better healthcare.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) was selected to deliver an automated purchase-to-pay solution that captures invoices arriving in multiple formats, extracts, enriches and validates data from these invoices and delivers data on a fully hosted matching and approval platform that integrates with the client's ERP system. SPS processes over 300,000 invoices yearly for ELFS, enabling them to offer enhanced services that has seen their client base grow from five to seventeen Trusts.

  • Benefits

    • Each member of the Accounts Payable Team can process twice as many invoices as before.
    • Visibility over the end-to-end process resolves bottlenecks and issues in a fraction of the time previously required.
    • Swiss Post Solutions‘ document processing capabilities and the hosted workflow solution have created a solid platform that will scale up to support additional clients.

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