Secure Scan-To-Email Digital Mail Solution


How SPS implemented measures to maintain business continuity during a global pandemic for a financial services client

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) analyzed, proposed and implemented a scan-to-email, digital mail solution as a business continuity measure for this client’s employees who had to quickly resort to working from home when the global health crisis hit. SPS was able to swiftly operationalize a scan-to-email Digital Mail Solution allowing the company to minimize disruption.

About the client

The client first established a presence in the USA in the 19th century. The bank began independent operations in the US in 1978, opening its first North American branch in New York City and now backed by a global network spanning over 70 countries. This financial institution is a leading provider of financial services to agencies, corporations, governments, private individuals and institutions in the Americas.

The Challenge

Faced with the situation created by the recent health crisis and the sudden, rapid increase of remote workers, this client was looking for a cost-effective, simple solution to distribute mail that could be implemented quickly
SPS had the expertise, tools and knowledge to provide this client with a solution that strengthened business continuity. This kept key information and communications flowing into the hands of its staff in order to ensure critical processing was possible and timely. With an immediate analysis performed by SPS’ Six Sigma experts, a solution was customized with a plan to implement a streamlined scan-to-email service for the clients’ workforce.

The Solution

Under the process implemented by SPS, essential SPS staff still working in the onsite mailroom receive and process incoming mail from carriers including the USPS, FedEx, UPS and other couriers. Incoming mail is categorized as Time-Sensitive Mail or Regular Mail and is processed based on the following delivery options:
  • Re-route to alternative location
  • Deliver to the individual if they are onsite
  • Forward the mail to another person or team at the primary location
  • Hold the mail pending the return of the individual
  • Digitize the mail and email it to the recipient’s company email address
SPS instituted a number of measures to ensure that this process to support business continuity requirements is secure and in compliance with all necessary company and regulatory data protection policies. Mail is only handled by authorized personnel and sent to the designated recipient in the following procedure:
  1. Mail is scanned on devices that scan directly to email and do not save the file.
  2. The scan date, recipient email and employee who processes the mail are recorded on all physical mail, which is then stored in a secure archive room.
  3. To confirm delivery, recipients are prompted to reply via email that they have received their scanned mail - this ensures proper chain-of-custody is recorded for any sensitive documen

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The Benefits

  • Maintain chain of custody and data integrity
  • Scan-to email solution
  • Flow of important information and opertains
  • Cost-effective
  • Kept communications running to ensure critical processing 
The implementation of the process, in which SPS’ trained employees, knowledge of digital processes and ability to utilize proven technologies, SPS was able to swiftly and effectively implement this scan-to-email solution during a global pandemic. In partnering with SPS as an expert provider of mail and digital document management services, this client was able to minimize disruptions to the flow of important company information and the associated business operations, allowing employees and the business as a whole to continue to be productive.
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