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Document Management Use Cases within the Mailroom for the Insurance Industry

Generali performed an in-depth review of their logistics and digitalization processes and identified opportunities for improved document management processes. They decided to outsource all mailroom-related activities to one of the leading document management experts, Swiss Post Solutions (SPS). This was a step towards future-proofing Generali Switzerland’s logistics services.

About Generali

Generali is an independent, Italian Group, with a strong international presence. Established in 1831, Generali is among the world’s leading insurers and is present in over 60 countries.
In Switzerland, Generali has stood for individual insurance solutions in every kind of living situation for 140 years. Many of their customers rely on their property, legal, and life insurance policies, comprehensive pension solutions, and attractive fund, and banking products.
The Generali Switzerland Holding has two head offices, one in Adliswil and one in Nyon. Around 2,000 employees provide qualified advice and excellent service.

The Challenge

Accessible Data

Modern business operations require the instant availability of data in an increasingly international and networked context via standardized industry processes.
The efficient management of company data has a positive impact on business success and operating results.

Omnichannel Communication

Disruptions due to inbound customer communications are common in the insurance industry and remain an area with significant potential for optimization.
In order to save time and money, logistics and digitalization processes need to be constantly reviewed and open to new ideas. After examining its own procedures, Generali Switzerland decided to outsource their document management.

CRM Optimization

Thousands of documents are processed every day in Nyon and Adliswil, Generali Switzerland’s main locations. Nearly a million Generali customers communicate with them via email, post, or fax. These channels have an urgent need for a central system for managing all these documents.

The Solution

Generali has central mailrooms in Nyon and Adliswil in Switzerland. They handle inbound mail such as customer requests, claims documentation, address changes, and invoices. After being successfully sorted, the documents are digitized by scanning and then electronically classified according to the document type. There were more than 15 document types when SPS was introduced.

Document Scanning Services

During this process, intelligent automation software extracts data, such as insurance policy numbers, from digitized documents and compares them with Generali’s existing database for reference. The information selected is then directly transferred to Generali’s workflow.
All incoming post was thus digitalized on a daily basis and made available for further processing.

Database Management

In the next step, SPS generated a unique document ID number, stored in a 2D barcode, for each incoming document. This document ID registers in a central database, making it possible to trace a document’s current processing status at all times. This ensured uninterrupted logging, from receipt of the physical documents through to transfer of the quality-assured data to Generali’s systems.

Document Archiving

Once the documents are digitized, the originals are stored in the short-term archive for 90 days. After this time they will be moved to the long-term archive.
Archiving digital documents allows businesses a range of benefits, such as:
  • Upgrading from legacy systems that are needed to support older data formats
  • Empowering the business to be able to search for information faster
  • Going digital means that the document management process is recorded, retaining legal integrity
  • Achieving a paperless office, reducing costs and corporate impact on the environment

The Benefits

As a result of inbound document digitization, the mailroom operation for Generali Switzerland has been streamlined. This has resulted in:
  • A digital mailroom which allows data to be shared between locations instantly and securely
  • Maintaining more accurate records of documents coming in and out of the business, ensuring compliance
  • Producing higher efficiency levels within the mailroom
  • Higher employee output due to increased operational efficiency
  • Increased employee motivation due to reduced manual tasks
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to increased response times 
  • Ongoing optimization of digital transformation 

SPS as an Outsourced Document Management Partner

Stability and guaranteed confidentiality play a key role in the insurance industry. Insurance databases handle high volumes of sensitive data, making SPS an ideal partner.

As an experienced document management service provider, SPS has the skills to revolutionize inbound mailroom services across a range of industries.
The Adliswil and Nyon locations now outsource all mailroom and document management activities to SPS. SPS document management specialists created a detailed, fixed schedule to ensure that services would be transferred as smoothly as possible. This was done whilst taking into account current and future potential for optimization, which guaranteed a smooth transition.
Generali is confident that, as the Swiss market leader in information logistics, SPS will find many opportunities for innovation. The partnership will allow for the optimization of manual tasks and reaction times to customer requests. Experts at SPS will continue to assess Generali’s business processes and support the insurance provider on the path of digital transformation.
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