Case Study

Omni-Channel Solution for Deutsche Bahn

  • Challenge

    Deutsche Bahn Personalservice was looking for a practical solution that would allow it to send documents (payslips, expense statements, staff memos, etc.) to employees through a secure, electronic channel rather than by normal post.

  • Solution

    For many years, Swiss Post Solutions has been handling all physical documents for communication with employees. Staff members were subsequently given the choice to opt for electronic communication by secure e-mail. Using a personal code, they can now register in the OCS (omnichannel solution) – platform, the innovative hybrid document output solution from SPS. Employees who have chosen this option receive their documents through IncaMail, a secure and fully tracked service of Swiss Post Solutions that sends all documents to the recipients e-mail address. SPS assisted Deutsche Bahn AG during the entire launch phase, informing staff members of this new communication service. 

  • Benefits

    • By opting for OCS, Deutsche Bahn AG benefits at all levels: With IncaMail, all correspondence with employees can now be sent by e-mail, which is not only user-friendly for the recipients but also reduces costs. All communication is secure and fully trackable. Employees benefit from fast and secure communication with their employer and do not need to spend money on stamps.

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