Case Study

Postlogistics - The new era of processing customer emails

  • Challenge

    Processing inbound customer emails at PostLogistics’ Customer Service Customs Clearance has always relied heavily on manual processes. SPS designed a new solution to sort emails, collect relevant case information and set the cornerstone for understanding the customer intent based on Artificial Intelligence. The goals were to create a leaner and more effective workflow for the customer care agents and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Solution

    • SPS used a combination of process expertise and technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    • Customer emails are automatically analyzed, classified and routed to the responsible customer care agent.
    • All case-relevant information is automatically extracted from back-end systems and displayed on-screen.
  • Benefits

    • PostLogistics reduced its average handling time of an email by 30%.
    • The system has allowed PostLogistics to audit other areas of its process, as well as the performance of the team.
    • The solution can fully automate selected simple business cases.
    • All these benefits result in a faster, more efficient service for customers and an improved customer satisfaction.

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