Case Study

BPO for fashion consignor

  • Challenge

    Processing customer correspondence submitted via post presents a particular challenge. The individual customer queries must be dealt quickly and accurately so as to ensure our client, a high-fashion consignor of womenswear, provides a customer-oriented service. The company was therefore looking for a service provider to deliver a centralised and efficient service for the processing and digitisation of incoming mail.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions processes daily more than 215,000 customer queries for our client. The solution includes:

    • The central processing and digitisation of all incoming mail.
    • The provision of a portal and a web interface for the processing of customer queries by the client.
    • A centralised inbound document processing facility, where documents are categorised and prepared for digitisation.
    • Original documents are archived for four weeks and destroyed according to the clients retention policies.
  • Benefits

    Our client benefits in the following ways from our services:

    • A customer-orientated service that has improved customer experience, by utilising Swiss Post Solutions document processing platform that ensures quality and compliance through ISO certified processes.
    • Through the outsourcing of inbound document processing the efficiency of our clients’ processes has increased, whilst simultaneously costs have been reduced.

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