Case Study

Major Airline

  • Challenge

    As air travel becomes more popular passengers are presented with a wider choice of carriers. To boost customer loyalty this international airline wanted to respond faster to customer claims. Previously, claims were managed in a decentralized manner, with an average processing time of 30 days. By switching to SPS’s full-service claims management solution the airline has achieved a 10-fold reduction in resolution and response times to just three days.
  • Solution

    SPS’s outsourced claims management solution handles claims across the globe on a centralized platform and through three strategic processing centers. SPS’s teams process claims in more than 20 languages and ensure strict compliance with airline regulations. All information is captured in a claim file on specially-developed offline software, which connects with the airline’s CRM system, triggering automatic claims management processes within the airline according to the type of claim. Customer-facing airline employees have access to fully-replicated details of the physical claim.

  • Benefits

    The airline chose an outsourced solution from SPS over competing solutions due to SPS’s ability to deliver a multi-lingual, multi-location, truly global service. Further benefits are:

    • Effective processing of 1,000 written claims per day during peak periods.
    • Reduced cost per processed claim by an estimated 50%.
    • Increased business agility by significantly reducing fixed costs due to a per-claim pricing model.
    • Significant boost in customer satisfaction for the airline, enabling it to fully meet IATA regulations.

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