Public Sector

The provision of Contemporary Management Services with the best standards of quality and security requires high levels of innovation and the ability to use available resources to the full. Swiss Post Solutions makes this possible.

Greater efficiency, lower costs

Enormous potential can be released by the deployment of new ways of managing the processes that are not your core activities and can therefore tie up resources and distract you from your main business. As your specialised partner in the Outsourcing Of Incoming and Outgoing Document Management and Processing, Swiss Post Solutions enables you to raise your productivity and make a tangible difference to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the services your customers expect.

Our portfolio of services

We support you in the move to providing Electronic Services for your customers by:

  • Outsourcing your outgoing mail processing to Swiss Post Solutions Document and Printing Centres.
  • Providing secure physical and electronic storage management.
  • Offering customer communication channels of your choice.

Your benefits

Thanks to our quality and security certifications, compliance with the strict regulations which apply to data security and privacy in the public sector is assured.

  • Case Study

    Government Department

    Discover how automation underpins both quality and value for this Government Department.

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