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Outcome Based Patient Centric Services For The NHS: Create a legacy by delivering a sustainable healthcare system

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Practical services for the NHS

The NHS is on a mission to deliver an integrated patient centric care model that delivers savings, clinical efficiencies and ultimately better patient experience. A growing population, economic challenges including the workforce gap and adaptation skills; and a lack of interoperability between hospital systems impacts directly on patients and staff. Organisational changes can be a challenge in terms of implementation, resource capacity, training and stakeholder engagement. This is why Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) offer end-to-end outcome based services that addresses each stage in your business transformation.

We use our unrivalled knowledge and flexibility to create a service that improves patient experiences, delivers better clinical efficiencies, and guaranteed cost savings.

Transform your organisation through sustainable solutions

Managed Outpatient Services

Hospital outpatient appointments have doubled over 10 years costing the NHS £8bn pa. With an increase in outpatient appointments, DNA’s and cancellations including a demand in service expectations, acute Trust can redesign the outpatient clinic and administrative service model to improve patient experience and maximise clinical efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Improved patient experience and health outcome by saving patients time and money
  • Productivity gains for the Trust through efficient use of clinical time
  • Free up costly resources and reduce unnecessary overhead costs
  • Contribute to reduction in carbon emissions


Digital Health Records

Addressing the gap in Electronic Patient Records
Making patient records digitally available is only part of the solution, Swiss Post Solutions will manage unstructured data, improve greater access to information 24/7 across multi-disciplinary teams and free up resources by reducing the people process and real estate.
Benefits include:
  • Better information circulation and system communication with 24/7 remote access across multi-disciplinary teams
  • Improved patient safety and clinical time efficiency due to greater accuracy of data with minimal human errors
  • Being compliant on information governance
  • Minimising unpredicted costs
  • Ability to better monetise real estate
  • Cash saving opportunities as a result of better operational efficiencies

Managed Clinical Coding Services

Improving data management through accuracy and speed can free up resources to deliver better patient care. Over 52% of leaders agreed that their Trust waste too much money on inefficiencies according to an NHS Providers Report. Swiss Post Solutions has found an opportunity to help increase NHS Trusts’ efficiency via Clinical Coding. The Clinical Coding function in the UK is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented.
The latest survey on Clinical Coding across 50 Trusts revealed that errors rates range between 1- 46% with an average error rate of 7.1%. Swiss Post Solutions will deliver cost savings, increase speed and improve data accuracy.
Benefits include:
  • Seamless integration into your workflow
  • Improved accuracy of data quality, financials and latest guidance on clinical coding 
  • Reduction in clinical coder labour and allow clinicians to focus on more core duties
  • Free up real estate, save on workforce & reduce unnecessary overhead costs
  • Improve career paths, and conditions of admin staff.
  • Take on shared risk providing transparency on hidden costs
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What we offer

We provide the only End-To-End Service in the industry that offers expert management for the NHS of physical and digital documents; and records in a secure, compliant and efficient manner. Our tried and tested solutions help NHS Trusts manage document processes by applying technology and process expertise.
We also specialise in:
  • Medical Record Management
  • Mailroom Management
  • Hybrid Mail
  • DSA
  • Managed courier services
  • Transport management services
Benefits include:
  • Reduced back office costs – more to invest in front line services and patient care
  • Reduced operational costs through automation
  • Faster clinical decision making through faster access to information
  • Patient centric records management across physical and digital
  • Enable NHS Trusts to execute a strategy to digitise by 2022
  • Secure, resilient, sustainable solutions
To find out more about our collaboration with NHS read our press release.

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