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We offer an end-to-end solution for all the document processing requirements of Swiss health insurance companies. Increase customer satisfaction with our same-day processing – automated and for all communication channels.

The challenges faced by Swiss health insurance companies

Generally speaking, today’s hybrid input process – i.e. the processing of both physical and digital documents – is highly fragmented. An automated end-to-end process is often not available, and maintaining the technical system landscape is a very complex task.
Document processing includes receiving, manually sorting, scanning, reading, categorising and transferring the data to the core system (e.g. Syrius or Sumex). This process is carried out by different teams. If the document is submitted digitally, it will be reviewed by another team.

Intelligent end-to-end automation

Our service is designed specifically to receive your physical (letter, fax) and digital (SMS, email, web portal, app, EDI) incoming mail across all communication channels. We sort, classify and capture documents such as cost reimbursement and TARMED invoices and make the data available directly in your target system. SPS helps you with data preparation that isn’t yet included in your core application. SPS customers can thereby focus on their core activities. They save a lot of time because we relieve their staff of simple and repetitive administrative tasks.
SPS also takes care of the entire output management for you. It professionally prepares all outgoing information (paper brochures, mailshots, customer data on the portal, etc.) for all possible communication channels, as well as handling the distribution to your customers.

You benefit in many ways

With this State-Of-The-Art Service, all types of documents can be processed on the same day, irrespective of which interaction channel the customer chooses. Documents can be received both physically and digitally, then sent to the customer in the desired form after processing. And thanks to SPS’s efficiency and many years of expertise in document processing, it is not only possible to handle day-to-day requirements easily but also planned and unforeseen peaks. All processes meet the Swiss data protection guidelines of FOPH and FINMA.
The individual components of our health services give rise to various economies of scale. The main characteristics of the services are as follows:
  • Save time with automation – We deal with any technology issues for you and handle peaks in your business. You have immediate access to the required information (e.g. for processing and assessing benefits), which enables you to respond promptly to customer queries and complaints.
  • Standardised processing – Depending on the customer’s requirements, SPS can offer custom or standardised SLAs and policies.
  • Location – Processing is carried out centrally in our Swiss Service Centres.
  • Predictable costs – Automated and standardised processes as well as centralised services enable you to plan your costs better.
  • High security – We guarantee high security through compliance with all regulatory requirements (DSC, ISO/IEC, ISAE, GDPR) and through data encryption, logging and traceability.
  • Quick rollout – We guarantee a quick rollout with a tested standard process in an introductory project.
  • Experience – We have extensive experience in information management with expertise in the health insurance industry.

Make or buy?

Digitisation using the example of Sanitas

The processing of incoming physical and digital mail at Sanitas was minimally automated and involved a lot of manual effort. There were no machines to support mail prioritisation, and the software used for sorting the invoice and tariff items had reached end of life.
SPS took over all mail processing for Sanitas, from prioritisation to digitisation and through to post-processing. We ensure that all incoming mail is processed on the same day, even during peak times. This reduces the workload of Sanitas’ staff and gives them more time to concentrate on their core business.
Find out more in the video on the right. For a more detailed insight, you can find the long version of the video here.

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Over the past year and a half, I have come to know SPS as a competent and reliable specialist in document logistics. Thanks to the partnership with SPS, Sanitas has taken an important step into the digital future.

    Alex Friedl, Head of Claims and Customer Service at Sanitas

  • testimonials

    The efficient centralisation of our incoming mail process in the SPS Service Centre in Kriens, the corresponding confidentiality that is guaranteed and the binding service levels at performance-related costs convinced us that SPS was the right partner to implement a digital mail cycle at EGK.

    Patrick Tanner, Head of ICT at EGK-Gesundheitskasse

  • testimonials

    We are very satisfied with the services of Swiss Post Solutions. Although clear Service Levels have been defined we have never had to question whether these are being adhered to.

    Head of IT, Visana

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