The healthcare sector is under increasing pressure to minimise expenses, whilst constantly improving service delivery and patient satisfaction. Swiss Post Solutions facilitates the shift to digital information and document processing.

Digital Data flows and the healthcare service of the future

Healthcare systems around the world face increased demand on health services, causing rising costs. There are many reasons for that: Impact of ageing and sicker societies, rewarding providers for doing more, rather than being efficient, etc.
Digital transformation has great potential to revolutionize healthcare. But even advanced economies are struggling to implement the latest technologies and approaches in their sector. Meanwhile, paper-based processes remain common. According to McKinsey, one large European payer consumes 100 tonnes of paper per year, just for its claims operations.1 Compared to other industries, healthcare is one of the least mature when it comes to digital document management. Yet the potential gains are huge. One study suggested that the UK’s National Health Service could save 50% per transaction just by moving to e-invoicing.2 When data flows digitally, costs fall, while efficiency and quality improves. 


Healthcare Solutions UK

Practical and flexible document process solutions to support improvement in patient care

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Healthcare Solutions Switzerland

We offer an end-to-end solution for all the document processing requirements of Swiss health insurance companies. Increase customer satisfaction with our same-day processing.

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SPS Health Services

SPS’s services help healthcare organizations to make sensible use of resources, keep costs low and improve service delivery and patient satisfaction. This involves facilitating the shift to digital information and document processing, while integrating existing physical processes (mail, print, paper records etc.) into our centralized solutions.
Our services include:
  • Document processing services – By using Intelligent Automation we automatically classify incoming documents and extract the most relevant information. The use of automatic data processing is a key part of our innovative document management solutions. It helps turning unstructured data into structured usable information that is ready for processing and analytics.
  • Health records management – SPS helps facilitate the efficient, structured and safe management of both digital and paper-based patient records. This generates faster access to information and underpins improved clinical decision making.
  • Patient communications – Our hybrid solution helps healthcare organisations manage both print and digital communications, reducing costs and improving patient experience.
  • Mailroom management ­– Our tailor-made mailroom services cover day-to-day management, digitization of existing files, secure physical and electronic storage management and omni-channel solutions for outgoing mail.
  • Output management services – We enable companies to communicate with their customers on the channel they prefer, whether it’s digital or physical. This form of customer service automation improves accuracy and response times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Your benefits

  • Reduced costs: Our hybrid solutions reduce both operational and print costs.
  • Improved patient experience: Whether it is arranging an appointment or accessing patient records, we help healthcare providers respond more quickly and accurately to patients. This increases patient satisfaction.
  • High levels of security: As certified service providers, we meet the specific legal standards for quality and security in all the processes we conduct on your behalf.
  • Access to advanced technology: We improve both front- and back-office efficiency by using a mix of automation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Quick rollout: We are experienced in digital transformation projects, with tested processes enabling fast rollouts.
  • Greater accuracy: By automating manual processes, we reduce errors to a minimum, which leads to a better customer experience and leaner processes.
1 McKinsey,’ Best-in-class digital document processing: A payer perspective.’ Available at: Accessed December 2019.
2 HFMA, ‘Virtual invoicing – the real deal.’ Available at: Accessed December 2019.

  • Case Study

    Sanitas Health Insurance

    RPA Use Cases in Health Insurance

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Customer testimonials

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    We are very satisfied with the services of Swiss Post Solutions. Although clear Service Levels have been defined we have never had to question whether these are being adhered to.

    Head of IT, Visana

  • testimonials

    We are very happy with the constant and reliable services and the close and global relationships with SPS and the professional reporting and project management.

    Head of Document Logistics Zurich Insurance

  • testimonials

    SPS has helped us to build lean and secure processes for our incoming document management – we have significantly reduced the corresponding costs per contract.

    Head of Document Management, Direct Insurance

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