Swiss Post Solutions is a recognized leader in Document and Business Process Outsourcing Services. We have optimized business processes and digitized workflows across many industries, enabling clients to control their costs and maximize profits.

Tailor made document outsourcing solutions - no matter what industry

Outsourcing your document management allows you to optimize business processes by automating workflows. SPS has a wealth of expertise in a range of industries and we are constantly investing in automation technologies. Our clients can rest assured that our commitment to their digital transformation will enable them to stay ahead in their market.
Resource-intensive duties such as mailroom operations, accounts receivable and payable, data input, customer services, and human resources can all benefit from automated support.
Digitizing non-core, labor-intensive, activities results in increased productivity with greater precision, stricter regulatory compliance, and reduced costs. By using Swiss Post Solutions to outsource your non-core business processes, skilled teams are free to invest in more value-adding tasks - enhancing output.



BPO for Financial Services enhances process performance and reinforces regulatory compliance

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RPA for claims management increases regulatory compliance, improves CX, and increases output

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Document Management and RPA enable enhanced patient care while reducing costs

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Enhance your legal document processing, records management, office, and mailroom services

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Public Sector

Reinforce strict data security and data privacy with automated BPO solutions

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Multi-channel sales incentives, customer data insights, and enhanced billing and payment processes

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Business Process Outsourcing for departments

Accounts Receivable

Automation solutions for accounts receivable provide end-to-end visibility and insight to support decision-making and forecasting processes.
Enhanced customer on-boarding, omni-channel billing and intelligent customer-facing portals, automated workload prioritization, and digitized risk analysis. These are just a few of the benefits of utilizing document management software and BPO for accounts receivable departments.

Accounts Payable

Digitizing accounts payable operations enables invoices to be processed without human intervention. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used to capture data from material documents. The digital file is then categorized prioritized and forwarded to the appropriate destination with little or no human collaboration. This enables the AP process to be more efficient, more productive and frees up staff to focus on other more human-centric tasks.

HR Services

Human resources is a paper-heavy department that can benefit greatly from BPO. HR processes are subject to strict data protection regulations, which can be time-consuming to adhere to. By using a document management system, documents can be transformed into digital files by using RPA and OCR technology. RPA and OCR enable efficient, high-volume data entry and accurate data processing. This transforms once static documents into digital files that are organized, collaborative, shareable, searchable, secure and version-controlled.

Customer Care and Sales Support

Customer Service Departments are high-influx departments with high peaks and low troughs. To maintain SLA regardless of service level volumes, companies must provide tools for the process. Automation for customer service departments can segment omni-channel customer communications so that low and high-priority cases can be forwarded accordingly. This prioritization system speeds up waiting times for customers and enables higher productivity due to faster processing speeds.
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BPO Benefits per Industry

Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of industry, strict compliance with industry regulations and laws is imperative. With a human workforce, errors and interpretations of company guidelines are inevitable, which can lead to inaccuracies, and in some cases may put your business at unnecessary risk.
For particular operations, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is at such a point in its development that it can replicate human decision-making and make valuable contributions as effectively as a person. This means that automation software is a viable replacement for employees in many instances.

Market Competition

Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI software can produce more accurate, higher-quality results, faster than a human workforce, and is the future of BPO in industry. Companies that do not invest in automation software will inevitably find themselves with rising costs in order to compete with their competitors that have gone digital.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your non-core business competencies frees up skilled teams to focus on primary business goals that add value to the company. By digitizing non-human-centric tasks, process efficiency and output will increase.
A fully automated or collaborative automation-human workforce can manage a higher workload than a completely human workforce with no digital support. Additionally, there is no, or less, need for human tendencies such as breaks, interpretations, opinions or emotional variables that affect productivity.

Increased Profit Margin

A smaller workforce can higher a larger influx of work, reducing the scale of staff needed, in addition to office space and resources needed to accommodate them. With lower outgoing costs, higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction due to improved processes, profit margins increase.
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    We value Swiss Post Solutions as a reliable partner and provider of high quality solutions who delivers full-service document logistics tailored to our needs. This enables us to focus on our core business.

    Member of the Directorate General, Swiss Bank

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    We are very happy with the constant and reliable services and the close and global relationships with SPS and the professional reporting and project management.

    Head of Document Logistics Zurich Insurance

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