Global CEO SPS Joerg Vollmer

Discover a variety of Thought Leadership pieces with our CEO, Joerg Vollmer on how SPS can transform businesses to achieve their aim of digitally enabling their organisation.

Swiss Post Solutions is not only a leading provider of Business Process Services and Mailroom Services, it also enables its customers on their digital transformation journey by supporting them through the process from the physical to the digital worlds.
As Joerg Vollmer says:

“Ultimately, it is people and culture that still make the difference for companies, but it’s about making sure your workers have the right technology and processes to do the job effectively.”

Global Thought Leaders

Our CEO Joerg Vollmer talks about the need to build future-proof operational resilience, explaining how Swiss Post Solutions’ global operations can help clients to improve their flexibility and optimizing costs in times of crisis

Financial Times Article

Recovery and the new normal for global organisations

Joerg Vollmer explains how to survive the recent crisis by making massive changes both in terms of digitalization and workforce organization in his interview in the Financial Times.

Financial Times Article

The power of paper: building digital hybrid enterprises

Joerg Vollmer in his interview with Financial Times about the power of paper and building digital hybrid enterprises stating that paper mail is actually still the largest channel by far.

Business Intelligence Magazine

Hybrid World

Intelligent technologies are providing added stimulus for the automation of business processes in document management but the connection between the physical and the digital world still holds great challenges, says Joerg Vollmer, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions in Business Intelligence Magazine.

The great reset

Our CEO Joerg Vollmer talks to The Economist about how the crisis shaped businesses and what steps have to be taken to build resilient operations. Watch the whole interview:

Global Thought Leaders

Joerg Vollmer talks about the advantages of an end-to-end process in Document Management and being at the forefront of digital transformation by implementing an end-to-end process in Document Management.  


Development of cognitive computing in finance

Finance-TV talks with Joerg Vollmer, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions, about the automation of processes in the future and how systems are set to become even more intelligent.

Business Reporter Interview

SPS enables digital transformation

Joerg Vollmer and Business Reporter discuss about how SPS enables digital transformation in Document Management.


BPO and Intelligent automation

Companies are facing a major paradigm shift in document management" says Joerg Vollmer, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions. What that means with regards to efficiency gains and cost how quickly automation projects pay off is discussed in this interview with Finance-TV
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