Sustainable Partnerships

Protecting the earth's resources is too big a task for a single company. Cooperation and partnership are vital elements of Swiss Post Solutions' business model and crucial to the long-term protection of the environment and the economic and social well-being of our society.

Sustainability through partnership

Swiss Post Solutions attaches great importance to the establishment of sustainable relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers and is always working with them to develop environmentally-friendly and socially responsible ways of working.


Our employees are familiar with current projects and their significance for our company and customers. We train and motivate our staff to work in sustainable ways and contribute to the development of new ideas and initiatives that will benefit their own communities.

Involvement in clients' sustainability programmes

We work in harmony with our customers' sustainability programmes by cooperating with such projects and supporting their engagement with sustainability

Working together to minimise environmental impact

Swiss Post Solutions has identified certain critical areas of expenditure in which a significant impact on sustainability can be made. Work in these areas is reviewed in relation to CO2 emissions, waste generation, employee welfare, and the potential for a wider positive social impact.

Wherever we have a significant influence on suppliers, we seek to work with them to improve environmental impact; where our influence is not so strong, we stick to minimum environmental standards, based on ISO14001, wherever possible.

Corporate Citizenship

Our business is built on relationships - with our clients, our employees, and our communities. So, naturally, we have a special interest in helping people in the communities we serve.

We support numerous organizations, partner with community groups dedicated to helping people with special needs find employment, and offer our career counseling resources to individuals from all walks of life.

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