Employee Wellbeing

Responsible working practices are amongst the factors that allow people to reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, acquire new skills, and live healthier and happier. Swiss Post Solutions follows these practices.

Sustainable living and working

Our “People Office” is committed to the well-being of our employees. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life balance. Thanks to our continuous development opportunities, flexible working practices, health and safety procedures, generous benefits, and regular check-ups, our employee retention is above the industry average.

Swiss Post Solutions relies on its satisfied, healthy, and motivated staff, and you as a customer benefit from highly committed employees for whom nothing is a step too far.

We embrace diversity and inclusion

Swiss Post Solutions is conscious of its social responsibility and has long considered diversity and inclusion to be of great importance. This means that visible characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, age, language, culture and physical ability, as well as invisible characteristics such as method of working, sexual orientation, religion or experience are respected. As a result, Swiss Post Solutions is able to draw on its maximum potential for its projects and supports a non-discriminatory working environment, enabling employees to bring diverse talents, experience, personalities and requirements to the business. This diversity is also representative of our customers’ requirements and helps us to develop innovations, products and services that truly meet these varied needs. We nurture a corporate culture based on partnership and teamwork that is shaped by appreciation and trust. Understanding, respect and a working environment free of discrimination is therefore our obligation. The necessary framework is also firmly established within the collective agreement.

Promote environmentally responsible commuting

Responsibility for our staff does not stop as soon as they leave the building. Travel plans are in place at our larger locations enabling staff to choose more environmentally friendly commuting.

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Sustainable Partnerships

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