For Swiss Post Solutions, efficiency is the key to sustainable business activities. By harmonising our economic, social, and environmental requirements, we are creating lean, cost-effective and productive working environments which minimises the consumption of our natural resources.

Sustainability as a matter of conviction

We are committed to making the most efficient possible use of energy, materials, and water; developing responsible means of waste disposal; and avoiding pollution. We pay special attention to those fields on which our activities are particularly influential.

Avoiding waste

Swiss Post Solutions makes efficient use of energy, materials, and water; deals responsibly with waste disposal, and is determined to avoid polluting the environment.

We promote the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle”, but are convinced that avoiding waste is basically the best way forward. We use as little material as possible, reuse packaging wherever we can, and print double-sided and black-and-white as standard.

Reduction of paper consumption

Our services provide clients with a unique opportunity to minimise the environmental impact of information flows and document processing, be this in paper or electronic form.

Vehicle and travel carbon emissions

Measures are in place to monitor and reduce emissions resulting from both operational transportation and business travel requirements. Drivers are made aware of smarter driving techniques, efficient route and load management and alternative methods where applicable. Our fleet is under continual review to ensure modern, fuel efficient vehicles of an appropriate size are used.

Travel is frequently avoided by our business travellers who use video and teleconferencing methods. Public transport is the preferred option for face to face meetings and site visits.

Building energy usage

A 2%/m2/annum carbon reduction target is set to be met through a programme of review and refurbishment of our existing building stock. Consolidation of buildings, energy reduction measures and the installation of new equipment are all aimed at achieving this target. Employees are engaged in the process and encouraged to identify energy saving measures and switch off lights and equipment whenever possible.

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