Transition Project Manager

Our Project Managers plan, execute and implement multi-million BPO projects into operation and act as a central hub for all project related activities.

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Our Transition Project Managers take care of successful program transitions for our most strategic clients across multiple countries, ranging from all kinds of a project manager`s responsibility such as scope, time, resource, budget or methodology.  Involved in entire project life cycles, they plan the kick off and implement projects in accordance to the project order as well as estimate project management resources and further lead the project team in a virtual matrix organization.

Our Project Managers are positioned at the heart of projects and they not only meet and manage customer and stakeholder expectation, but also keep the overview on behalf of the Project Board. Experienced in handling complex projects, they evaluate and oversee the risk management, take care of the reporting and ensure a stable handover of a project into operation. The project management team is highly skilled with methodical knowledge and applies its range of tools depending on the projects` requirements. 

What makes our Transition Project Managers successful

In order to successfully fill the position as a Transition Project Manager, it is of high importance to have a goal-oriented personality, ambitious to always deliver project management at its best and able to face challenges head-on.

New Consultants who join us, have on average a 5 years proven track record in the transition of Business Process Optimization deals into operations augmented by profound IT knowledge. They are advisers with a proficient understanding of Document Management and business process environments and are also professional communicators across various hierarchies with C-level comfort.  On top of that, it is vital to speak the respective country language (e.g. German, French) and to have proven English language skills.

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If you have a winning mentality and the ambition and desire to succeed in the role of Transition Project Manager, please send your application to We are always keen on getting to know unconventional thinkers, dynamic innovators and ambitious client-focused Project Managers.

If you are not looking for a new opportunity right away, but you would be interested in the future, please send us your profile and we will stay in contact regarding upcoming suitable opportunities.

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