Process Analyst

Our Process Analysts define and prepare technical specifications as well as call attention to all technical details relevant for a smooth transition of deals based on the client requirements.

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Our Process Analysts are positioned in the center of technical expertise and deliver the (technical) performance specifications of clients` proposals. Experienced in providing client services, they help to estimate the transition project costs from a technical standpoint which is to be filled into cost models and to support due diligence processes.

Our Process Analysts receive all relevant information to develop service definition documentations (e.g. Service Level Agreements) and to carry out detailed internal documentations for the operations of Swiss Post Solutions delivery units. They are highly skilled with technical expertise and thus, support the solution design as well as lead and support the testing before a service goes live.

What makes our Process Analysts successful

In order to successfully fill the position as a Process Analyst, it is of high importance to have an attention-to-detail personality eager to find the best solution for all kinds of technical requirements across various industries such as Banking and/or Insurances.

New Process Analysts who join us, have on average a 3 years proven track record in transition and transformation. In addition, they have huge IT knowledge and proficient understanding of Document Management and Digital Mailroom environments.

Our Analysts have proficient communication skills and are comfortable in merging stakeholders’ expectations with cutting edge technological solutions. On top of that, it is vital to speak the respective country language (e.g. German, French) and to have proven English language skills.

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If you have a winning mentality and the ambition and desire to succeed in the role of Process Analyst, please send your application to We are always keen on getting to know unconventional thinkers, dynamic innovators and ambitious client-focused Process Analysts.

If you are not looking for a new opportunity right away, but you would be interested in the future, please send us your profile and we will stay in contact regarding upcoming suitable opportunities. 

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