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Our Client Managers take care of existing customer relationships and are in charge of all negotiation and commercial contract aspects. Furthermore, they identify new and additional business opportunities, aligning the strategic goals of their customers with the Swiss Post Solutions service offerings.

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Our Client Managers are the owner of a client`s contract, engage in close relationships and know their customers and their processes by heart. That is how our Client Managers can easily create account plans for their contract portfolio and identify existing and new business opportunities. By doing this, they proactively add value and increase the share of wallet while fulfilling their client`s needs as they arise.

Supported by operations, our Client Managers are able to identify possibilities to enhance a contracts’ profitability and negotiate the commercial aspects of those directly with the client (e.g. Service Level Agreements). As experts in their industry, Client Managers are able to understand and match client’s needs with opportunities that operations offer, suggesting the best existing solutions and identifying possibilities that markets and new technologies create..

What makes our client managers successful

In order to successfully fill the position as a Client Manager, it is of high importance to have a farmer personality, the ambition to engage in sales and a passion for strengthening relationships, with a qualified network in industries such as Banking and/or Insurance.
New Client Managers  who join us, have on average a 5 years proven track record in client management in a document management or BPO environment. Furthermore, they are curators with an excellent business acumen and profound understanding of operations. All our Client Managers are professional communicators with C-level comfort and have an innovative understanding of market trends and opportunities.
On top of that, it is vital to speak the respective country language (e.g. German, French) and to have proven English language skills.

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If you have a winning mentality and the ambition and desire to succeed in the role of Client Manager for BPO business, please send your application to We are always keen on getting to know unconventional thinkers, dynamic innovators and ambitious client-focused Client Managers.

If you are not looking for a new opportunity right away, but you would be interested in the future, please send us your profile and we will stay in contact regarding upcoming suitable opportunities.

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